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    Til Feb 27th   Hockey: Faster Than Ever @ Pacific Science Center
    JAN 20th        🦑 Kraken VS Sharks 🏒 @ Climate Pledge Arena 7pm
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    How did a college basketball hopeful who could draw become a broadcaster instead? Thanks to my lively middle school drama teacher and some great campus marketing at Auburn's WEGL-FM...that's how! 

    Nine cities and over 25 stations later, the joy of my job is still being apart of and serving my community. From country radio afternoons in Chicago and Milwaukee to road traffic reporting in Las Vegas and Seattle, I strive to be an entertainer and problem solver- while relatable on-air, on-line, and in-person around town.

    During COVID, I rebooted a weekly new music show for stations and streams. New Music...NOW! plays the hottest country & your favorite artists being added to stations and streams across the globe. Catch the show on-demand through Anchor + Spotify!



    Now- FEB 27th               Hockey: Faster Than Ever 🏒 @ Pacific Science Center
    JAN 20th                        🦑 Kraken VS Sharks 🏒 @ Climate Pledge Arena 7pm
    JAN 21st                        🦑 Kraken VS Blues 🏒 @ Climate Pledge Arena 7pm
    JAN 23rd                        🦑 Kraken VS Panthers 🏒 @ Climate Pledge Arena 6pm
    JAN 25th                        🦑 Kraken VS Predators 🏒 @ Climate Pledge Arena 7pm
    FEB 4-6                           2022 NHL All-Star Weekend 🏒 @ Las Vegas, NV
    FEB 9th                          🦑 Kraken VS Coyotes 🏒 @ Climate Pledge Arena 7pm
    April 15-17                      2022 PNW Draft 🏒 Tournament Weekend @ TBA


    I found my love of broadcasting in college, but fell harder for live events when I was a Las Vegas local. For me, nothing beats being in public to connect with the community through fun, organized events! Pre-pandemic, I helped host the WHL Challenge Cup and the Great Puckaroo Roundup hockey tournaments. And this year I presented the Inaugural PNW Draft in April 2021, and just finished up the first Seattle Draft adult hockey weekend in October!

    From Olympic hospitality rooms and Super Bowl afterparties to charity bell-ringing and golf cart tour-guiding, let my experience help make your next event unforgettable...

    I grew up ice skating in Northern California, but my mom's hope was to raise a figure skater! Later living in the Dirty South with little ice available, I saw Felix Potvin's flashy glove saves on ESPN National Hockey Night. In high school I just knew I was going to play hockey someday. And I did for the first time in the Winter of 2000 with some used Garth Snow leg pads.

    Very soon, I played in my first tournament on my first ever trip to Vegas! (having to find extra players for my team at a local practice) And shortly after becoming the adult league assistant for my rink in Denver, I started announcing for Colorado State Club Hockey and coaching goalies. After announcing for the ECHL's Las Vegas Wranglers, I game hosted for the WHL's Silvertips & Thunderbirds as well as the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals. 

    Recently I've been the game operations manager for the Seattle Totems Hockey Club, volunteer admin for the Seattle Kraken Fan Page on Facebook, pro hockey writer for Pacific Northwest Sports, and host for the Inaugural PNW Draft in April 2021. I ❤️ this game.



    POINTS                           GOALS                           ASSISTS                      PENALTY MINUTES
    #33  Cody R  13             #33  Cody R  13             #17  Pete B  7               #13  Tim M  9
    #28  Travis T  11            #28  Travis T  8              #28  Aimee T  6             #37  Danae K  6
    #19  John B  10             #19  John B  6                #19  John B  4               #7  Alan G  6  
    #6  James S  9               #13  Tim M  6                 #6  James S  4               #24  Matthue T  3
    #13  Tim M  9                 #6  James S  5               #15  Doug V  4               #37  Todd S  3
    #17  Pete B  8                #17  Jim L  5                  #16  Branden D  4          #5  Jason R  3
    #17  Jim L  8                  #19  Andrew W  5          #16  Ryan L  4                #37  Chris C  3
    #19  Andrew W  8          #13  Mark O  5               #5  Dan C  4                    #28  Meghan F  3
    #15  Doug V  6               #16  Carson E  5           #33  Cody R  3                #13  Mark O  3
    #33  Khalil D  6              #33  Khalil D  4              #28  Travis T  3               #33  Cody R  3

    #13  Mark O  6               #17  Jason M  4             Five more with 3           
    YES...there is a locally organized adult draft hockey event in Seattle! After a successful PNW Draft event in April, we are now bringing an annual tradition to the Emerald City every year in early October before the Kraken get started!

    We'd like to thank all of our sponsors for being a part of this first annual event: Queen Anne Beerhall, Ironhorse Brewery, Hockeywolf Pro Shops, and Dan Cautrell Art & Design. Also sponsored by the Seattle Metropolitans, Derik Stenerson Photography, Pure Hockey, Moonshine BBQ, and Play-It-Again Sports in Lynnwood, Washington.





    Saturday October 9th
    The Draft Brunch @ Queen Anne Beer Hall Dan Cautrell Art & Design wins the draft!
    Dan Cautrell Art & Design  9  Queen Anne Beerhall  4
    Ironhorse Brewery  6  Hockeywolf Pro Shops  3
    Dan Cautrell Art & Design  12  Hockeywolf Pro Shops  6  (shorty ice)
    Queen Anne Beerhall  13  Ironhorse Brewery  9  (shorty ice)
    Ironhorse Brewery  6  Dan Cautrell Art & Design  4
    Queen Anne Beerhall  3  Hockeywolf Pro Shops  2

    Sunday October 10th
    3rd Place Game: Hockeywolf Pro Shops  11  Ironhorse Brewery  2
    Championship Game: Dan Cautrell A&D  5  Queen Anne Beerhall  4  (OT)




    ...Til The NEXT EVENT- THE 2022 PNW DRAFT!

    JonNY on the ⛳
    JW talks about PGA safety protocols on NewsNation
    SEPT 2006 at Kauai's Poipu Bay
    JW talks about Phil Mickelson's big win on NewsNation

    As a little boy, my Grandpa Ritter taught me to love the game of golf...even if I was forced to watch it on television EVERY Sunday! From those early days in the Bay every corner of the country...and now back in the Pacific Northwest, I've played over 160 courses in 17 states and provinces across North America and Hawaii. I'm not a PGA-Certified instructor, but have given golf lessons for the past 15 years to beginners and intermediate players of all ages. Let's go play!


    When I was little, I used to read every highway sign on long road trips. After my older brother introduced me to a map book, the car was much quieter and my love of travel grew!

    I've been to every US state besides Alaska, with overseas trips to China & Japan so far. One of my best friends describe me as "the chamber of commerce for everywhere" because I've lived in 12 different states and provinces. I take after famous explorer Rick Steves, seeking out the most local hot spots and economical travel plans. And India is next in my sights...

    Check out my favorite spots on the map for your future adventure! Purple colored for experiences, red for food, orange for shopping, yellow for scenery, black for lodging, brown for nightlife, grey for drives, green for golf, dark blue for ice rinks and light blue for ski hills!

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